Audi A5 Tuning by Abt

A long-awaited model Audi A5 is just few week on the market and finally it helps the Ingolstadt manufacturer to compete Mercedes CLK Coupe or BMW 6.

The new Audi A5 is a car sometimes called as a „businessman’s express“ and needs to conquer its competition of premium and image segment not only with great design by VW’s chief designer Walter de Silva, but also thanks to driving capabilities.

As we‘d predicted, a tuning company Abt Sporstsline (traditional tuner of VW group’s vehicles) decided to change this model. Guys from German Kempten are known especially for engine doping and developing of sporting suspensions thanks to their long-lasting experience from motor sport they actively participate in.

But in the case of Audi A5 they also tried to modify not only technical part, but also its design and that’s not really an easy task to do as they said.

Changing style of the amazing car as our A5 really is, is like to change the orthography of reputable Walter de Silva.

You need to be brave and 100% sure that the result will be success. Abt Sportsline knew it so they intelligently avoided doing any unnecessary modifications.

They focused and retouch only details to enhance the car’s sporting accent and they did a great job as we can see on attached photos.

Actually we can say, that this modified model has more visual dynamics than the top stock model Audi S5 which was introduced together with its civil brother Audi A5.

The sporting image is especially noticeable in case of reworked bottom parts of integrated front bumper that is now more symmetrical with three modified inlets and horizontal dividing bars. All of three bottom air suction openings has internal grill with same structure and color and so it looks it’s made of one piece of grill covering whole lower side.

The front spoiler is finished with nice contour that’s more vivid just before the front wheels and it continues to decent side sills with elegant edge copying the stock shape of bodywork.

Its dynamical profile involves also rounded gill heat outlets integrated into the front fenders. Other visual parts are made in same way also at the back. The edge of trunk is enhanced with a nice moldings appearing from original line to the line of outer edges of tail lamps.

Space between double exhaust tips is filled with a plastic panel imitating an aerodynamic diffuser to improve sporting design of this elegant coupe. All external visual accessories are connected with an intelligent color scheme dividing the surface on separate zones. The zone defines the color of accessories to match or contrast with the color of main zone.

Program of engine modification haven’t been finished yet, but the tuners declares that 176kW (240hp) 3.0 TDI engine will have very nice 200kW (272kW). If they use more powerful turbocharger, they can offer even 300hp. Safety is the most important so the Audi A5 will have own braking system with 380mm brake discs. They look great under 5-spoke alloy rims of AR design range and they’re available in diameter 18“-20“. The range of modifications can’t be complete without an adjustable sporting suspension that makes the car perfect on the road or the track.


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