The classics. A BMW car tuned by Hamann. You notice its beautiful design and elegant black paintwork. Designers played with smooth details and glamorous shapes of the predator. There’s a bunch of power inside of its heart – really nice 412hp. An original volume is 4.5 litres, but this offers excellent 5.2 litres of pure power.

So the guys needed to remove the original engine, modify, tune and place back under the hood. 412 horses under the hood is quite good value, don’t you think? Also its torque is monumental – 550Nm at 3900rpm (!). It’s very impressive also compared to the stock M6 with 520Nm at 8000rpm but with 507hp. So now your sound impression should be more pleasant?.

Maybe you think that this performance boost is possible only thanks to the volume extension. Of course not. There’s a new air filter, sporting cam, shaft, sporting pistons, ECU and exhaust system. But not only engine makes a car, so let’s take a look at the suspension. So what happened here? The ride is now lower – for 40 mm in front and 20 mm at the back. But it can be also possible to have -60 /-30 mm variations, but that requires really good roads. Rims can be 18“ or 20“, so that’s right also for demanding tuner.